Apple’s Retina Display

Let’s face it- the web is growing up so fast and we love it! Web standards are changing/improving everday and it’s making the web more awesome. Retina displays have made a huge impact on how web designers and developers approach sites today. First, lets talk about what the french is a “retina display”. Well for one, it is just a fancy buzzword Apple gave it, but that’s not all- it’s also being used to refer to any device that is 300 DPI (dots per inch) or greater. Basically, Retina screens will display text and photos much sharper than your average screen because you can’t see individual pixels, which ususally cause the jaggy lines.  Soooo… you are probably wondering if this affects you and your site? Yes, it does. High resolution is not exclusive to Apple devices. There are already tons of other mobile devices using 400 DPI.. pshht LG is already working on their own Retina display which will become the highest resolution mobile device to date. 

So you want to know where Pixel Bytes Media stands, eh? Here it is- the site built on 72dpi (web standards) simply will not cut it anymore when it comes to high resolution devices. We think your site should look fancy at all times. Your site can be built using the standard 72dpi for for regular displays and we can use our fancy developer skills (retina.js) to make sure it loads beautiful images that make you want to cry (of happiness). One of the issues that has been brought up is bandwith… dun dun dunnn. Well, here’s the thing, when you host with us you don’t have to worry about that-  we make it rain bandwidth. If you decide to have your site optimized for retina display, then the extra bandwith is on us.