Giving Back

Our clients come to us to express ideas, information, as well as a purpose. We have dedicated our time, energy and creativity to not only our clients but also to their philanthropic causes. Better yet, through the world wide web, where causes can reach even farther. We are very excited and honored that we were given the opportunity to design and developed websites for causes like Project Mmili and IVAT 31 Days.

Project Mmili’s mission is to provide clean water and education to kids in Nigeria. We hope our design will influence users to donate and help the people of Nigeria. We hand crafted every detail of the site with a purpose, using a strong emphasis on color and typography, with this we were able to illustrate the cause.

Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT) 31 days is a website that promotes a healthy living by sharing and educating their audience about topics such as domestic abuse and HIV. IVAT 31 Days posts different information about such matters in a way to make viewers understand how this is important not only to their vision but also to the world.

We gladly donated these sites because it’s important to us to be part of a universal community.

We courage you to check out these project and invite you to get involved and make a positive impact. 🙂