WordPress Websites

A CMS is a web application that uses a database to create, edit, and store HTML content in a manageable way. What this means for you, is that you are able to login to your website, edit existing content, add new pages, and manage your site. We understand that working on a site sounds a bit scary, but we offer one-on-one customer training for your website so that you are confident in managing your site.

So, what is WordPress?

WordPress is an excellent choice for a CMS. WordPress is very versatile, whether you are working on a small cooking blog or need a custom eCommerce shopping website WordPress can handle it. The feature we love the most is that it scales, so as your business grows so can your website.

WordPress is also great with SEO, it offers a variety of plugins that help you optimize your content properly so that you are getting the best of your SEO.

Although there are many different Content Management Systems available, we help you choose the CMS that benefits you & your business the most.